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Last October I purchased the Momentus XT Seagate 500 SATA SSDHybrid hard drive for my computer. I kept the old hard drive as extra storage space and have a small Seagate external for just documents and stuff I might need to carry with me.

This morning I experienced a Blue Screen error so I took my cpu to my technician. We found out that there are several bad sectors on the ssd hybrid, which is why my back up failed and I had that blue screen. I contacted Seagate immediately after learning that the drive had bad sectors on it and requested a return/exchange since the drive was still under warranty. Seagate was so quick to respond that I have a replacement coming within a couple of days and they are providing a return code with packaging (I am to use the package from the new hard drive to return the bad one) along with shipping labels, etc.

I have been reviewing hard drives but still come back to this one as my best option at this time since it is under warranty and I cannot afford to purchase a replacement at this time.

What I want to know: is this a common problem with the hybrid ssd? Should I start saving to replace the replacement once I have enough money for one?

Any one know?

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    I have two Momentus XT 500s in my laptop, they're great hard drives and after a year of solid operation they've accumulated zero bad sectors. However, the momentus XTs had a few firmware problems initially which required several updates to resolve.
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  3. Thank you very much.
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