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I am looking at two laptop computers and could use some help deciding. One is a Toshiba with a Intel i3 350M processor. The other is an ASUS with a Pentium T4500. I mostly use my laptop for invoicing in QuickBooks and I use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher. Evenings are spent on the internet mostly surfing. Will I be losing much in performance with the Pentium instead of going with the i3? I am leaning toward the ASUS. Thanks for your help
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  1. The I3 will outperform the T4500 by quite a bit. I don't know if you need it thou.
    The T4500 is a capable dual core, my buddy has one and I have a t6600 in mine and compares about the same.

    I played with an I3 the other day and it definitely has much better integrated graphics capability. With HTML 3d coming in the next version browsers I would go with the i3 myself but you may want to pick up the one that has the better 'feel' or larger display.

    Btw - I love my Toshiba but the i3 I looked at was an acer and it was pretty nice too.
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