8800gt fault

sir some thing is happen with my card ... when i turn on my system and the window goes on the desktop then suddenly the screen resolution changed automatically and in 5 or ten seconds the screeen color change into the orange color and the system turn off auto ,,, and from there my card is not working ,,, my card is not giving display... plz sir if any one know how this problem is solved plz tell me
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  1. Sorry haven't had a similar problem, but you can for starter try to see which one is going bad,
    a: your display
    b: your graphics card

    For both the DIY's you have to have an extra card , a laptop or another display.
    First disconnect the monitor from the video card and use a laptop's VGA out to check if the display is fine or not......
    if it is, than your card has an issue.
    Or than if the Mobo has an onboard VGA, use that one after removing the Video card from it slot.....

    Firstly , Remove it from the Cabinet and clean it up with a soft brush.
    Also clean the Slot in which it was housed with a brush,
    Try reconnecting everything properly and start in safe mode to check if it works.
    Than try the normal boot and give us a note on what happened....
  2. I don't suggest cleaning with a brush as it can be abrasive and might actually bend the contacts within the slot if done too roughly. Also, "Soft" is a relative term - what is soft to one person may not be soft to others.

    Instead of using a brush to clean, blast the slot and card with with canned air. This should remove any dust and loose particles. If you can't get canned air, try a lint-free cloth dampened with high-quality isopropyl alcohol (80% or higher) and gently wipe the contacts of both the slot and the card.

    Back to the actual problem.

    This could be a result of either a faulty card, a faulty power supply, or a corrupted or improper driver package/operating system. It's definitely not the monitor, as a faulty monitor would not cause the system to shutdown.

    Try booting into safe mode. If successful, then the card and PSU are functional. If unsuccessful, then we have either a bad card, a bad PSU, or a corrupted operating system. As you can see, this can get complicated, and can actually lead to even more possibilities.

    To specifically eliminate the card, install your card into another system. If your card works in another system, either your PSU is failing or your drivers/operating system is corrupted. If it doesn't work in another system, well then obviously your card is bad.
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