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i was just wondering what what be a better product for the money highpoint rocket raid 640 or adaptec 1420sa there both about the same price
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  1. my money's on Adaptec. I've always had good luck with them.
  2. ok thanks
  3. i would stll like more feedback on this please
  4. i like adaptec, their controller have less problems than other manufactures and their support is great.
  5. I have Adaptec AND LSI controllers running in the same machine. I've used HighPoint as well. No issues with any of them personally.

    RAID Controllers, as a rule, are enterprise class hardware pieces used in datacenters for very serious applications. From what I understand, they are all very robust, regardless of manufacturer.

    I can't comment about service, since I've never required it.

    I will say however that Adaptec Controllers seem to run the HOTTEST out of the 3 brands mentioned. This is well supported on many forums where people have had to install after-market fans on the heatsink to keep it from overheating.

    All RAID controller cards generate huge amounts of heat, and because they're rated to run in highly chilled server cabinets/data centers, it's not part of the spec to come with cooling fans.

    I've only noticed anecdotally that LSI and HighPoint seem to run a tad cooler than Adaptec.
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