Pinnacle 110i Tv Card In Win 7


I just got a Pinnacle 110i tv card from a freind of mine and tryed to install it on my win 7 computer

Should be plug and play i tought....but win update cant find anything i cant find any drivers that works with in 7 on pinnacles page or anywhere else

Can someone help me, ide really apriciate it

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  1. Try This:

    or this one

    Let me know if it works.....

    Also tell me if you've tried to just use the windows media center and tried to see if it comes on?
  2. Dident get it to work

    The problem seams to be that i can only find drivers for the older OS like vista and xp

    And im running win 7, maybe they expect live update to find the drivers but it dosent

    Is there any way do fix this

    Ive klicked on just about every page that eaven remotely looks like it could helt me and all i got for that is alot of spyware ;(
  3. Try to install a small program called Driver Magician, it'll check the Hardware ID and download, or actually help you download drivers that will work with your Pinnacle TV
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