What do these need to migrate systems to 64 bit?

I work in a lab with a bunch of dual quad cores - T7400's - running on XP. They are 32 bit systems. All of our software is 32 bit. What do I need to do to utilize them as 64 bit? We are about to purchase Windows 7. If there is any way I can give them a boost, I'd like to do it. Is it mostly a matter of getting the 64 bit OS and negotiating for upgrades on our software (Driver, Adobe Suits, Autodesk products, ...) ? It may be we don't have enough memory.
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  1. You need to check each specific piece of software and hardware for windows 7 and then 64bit support before you buy win7.
    For instance I have several tuner cards that have drivers for 32 and 64 bit windows.. up to vista. Nothing exists for Win7 32 or 64 bit :(
    I had the same probem came up for my HP scanners when Vista came out...

    Also Win 7 business license can downgrade to XP to postpone actually having to upgrade to win7 if thats something you are interested in. this lets you buy win7 license now and still run xp legally.
  2. Thanks, especially for that last bit of advice. I am a student who works part-time in the PC lab where there are 19 dual quad cores set up for students to use to learn 3D modeling, animation, film editing and game design. It has become very frustrating over the last year or two because we are now on the other side of the 64 bit fence. Not long ago, the software did not support 64 bit. Now, it seems that even though we download the 32 bit version, I can tell it wants to run on 64 bit. I often go back to older versions to get the software to run better. It will be a long row to hoe for me to go in and itemize all the drivers --- printers, scanner, tablets, ... not to mention negotiating with suppliers for a deal on upgrading the Adobe & Autodesk software to the 64 bit versions --- but this is my last month working as a student and I'd like to do what I can before I leave. Also, they are buying Windows 7 this fall. I just think it's a shame to have all that hardware and have XP 32 bit, which will only recognize 3.5 G. I have been wondering why we would purchase Windows 7 32. I have the impression those involved have not had time to understand all the options. Again, thanks!
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