What do i need?

What do i need to water cool my system? I have never done it before but would like to remove the fans and add watercooling.
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  1. You could look at the corsair H50 kit thats a preassembled water cooling system. You can purchase an extra 120mm fan to put on it for a push/pull setup to improve the H50 also (which it should have been preassembled with)

    You still need case air flow though, for the motherboard and other components. The CPU isn't the only thing that needs cooling
  2. But doesn't watercooling cool other components or is it just the CPU? How about the GPU?
  3. Oh yeah, can run lines all over the place. Sorry I was thinking you wanted a simple setup for some reason..
    I've not had a chance to build a full setup yet, and there are alot of ways to do it. I could do the research for you but there's alot of people here who have alot of experience in this so I hope one of them can help you with this
  4. Cool, look forward to them responding
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