Cool Looking Device for 5.25 Drive Bay

I admit its a stupid request...

I'm looking for something to put in a drive bay that just looks cool. I've seen LCD fan controllers that look good but come with tons of wires and headaches I don't care for. Since I don't know what I'm looking for, it's kind of hard to search. Anyone know of anything that will just make the case look badass and serve some remote function?
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  1. How about a double wide panel that despenses beer? Or gum, or a miniture hotpocket microwave
  2. How about drilling some holes (Maybe a designer logo or somesuch) through the blanking slot and having some extra fans intaking some nice cool air like i did on the Gf's build? (Bottom link in Sig)
  3. That's what I'm talking about!
    Everyone has a LCD monitor and stuff, but NO ONE has the toaster, or the cigarette lighter. Imagine showing off your PC, and someone seeing that stuff in your computer... They are going to be like "huh?!"
  4. A toaster just seems like a bad idea... Usually heat is something you stay away from in a computer, not purposely generate. Plus exposed wires means you could short the system... Not the greatest idea in the world.
  5. jefe323 said:

    A toaster! no way lol.
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