Memmory problem ' dead motherboard


im new here and my english is pretty bad . so im sorry for that hope you can understand me

recently i inserted one memory stick of 2gb ddr2 into an DH55PJ 1333mhz mother board
as soon as i turnd on the computer there were 3 beeps pause and agian , some i placed back the original ram [2 sticks of 2 gb ddr3 ram] and it kept on beeping i searchd all over the internet and realized that that the beeping means that theres a memory problem
now both computers [the one i took the ddr2 ram and the one with the dh55pj have the same problem - the screen and the keyboard dosnt light up

my motherboard is DEAD?

first computer
E6300 2.8 ghz
1 stick of kingstone ddr2 2gb ram
intel dg31pr
9500gt 1gb oc'd
JTC 500w

second computer

core i3 540
2 sticks of 2gb ddr3 ram kingstone
sunpro 400w

ps- all worked just fine before i changed ram -
i tryd already to
remove and reseat the cmos battry
all possible ram seats
checkd wiring all appears to be fine
at my first system - i removed all psu cabels from my mother board and place them agian

thanks hope youll understand me
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  1. You probably damaged the ram slot on your DH55DJ board by trying to use ddr2 in a ddr3 slot. Too bad you didn't come to us first before using the wrong ram.
  2. i got the same problem on both computers
    and i try'd to use other ram slots still - not work
  3. I woulden't doubt if you shorted the RAM as well when you placed them in the slots, they're very sensitive pieces of hardware.

    Overall that's a pretty sticky situation, either mobo or RAM damage (wouldn't doubt both either). I would take it into a local shop and see if they can diagnose it for you, considering you don't want to buy another stick of RAM and *possibly* burn that one too.
  4. i resently did this you can do this
    open up your case and pull the cmos battery out. It is a quarter size batter like you put in your watch. Push the metal clip and the battery will pop out keep it out for about 5-10 sec then put it back in. Then start your system this is going to reset your cmos withch after doing so the computer will boot up with a beep or 2 caint remember. Then it is going to ask if you wont to continu or enter setup "bios" select continu. By pushing the key reqester and then seleck start windows normaly or start windows with last known good config. There done let me know how it goes
    like i said i whent thru the same issue but i whent in and changed how much power whent to my dimms "ram slots" and it shut down and did the same 3 beeps and no moniter no keyboard no mouse give it a try
  5. sorry didnt read you triid this already sorry
  6. So you tried to put DDR2 into a DDR3 board?
  7. if you reset your cmos
    and still nothing cheack the ram look for burnt spots or cracks in the modals
    also i belive ddr3 and ddr2 have dif notches how did you get them in did you force them in if you did you may have screwed the rams up by braking them try buying a cheap ram modual and puting it in like if its ddr2 ram buy the same kind buy the ddr2 and make sure the speeds are the same and try it out
  8. ya i just checked thay are diff notches you had to of forced them in upload a pic of the ram fo me and post the link here plz i need to see them ty
    here look at the dif between ddr3 and ddr2 notice the diff notches
  9. Yeah if you forced them in completely you probably ruined RAM and possibly the motherboard
  10. i didnt forced it , i was sure that the ram is in but it was not , i realized it only after i turnd on the computer , so i turnd the computer off and switched it back the way it was before

    btw thanks all helping me
  11. past few days.....
  12. any1?
  13. Okay, so you didn't force them in?
  14. yes im sure i didnt forced them in
  15. Still not working?
  16. Intel DG31PR -
    1.8 V (only) DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts
    Unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported.
    4 GB maximum total system memory using DDR2 667 or DDR2 800 DIMMs
    Minimum total system memory: 512 MB
    Non-ECC DIMMs
    Serial Presence Detect
    DDR2 800 or DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM DIMMs
    DDR2 667 SIMMs with SPD timings of only 5-5-5 (tCL-tRCD-tRP)
    DDR2 800 SIMMs with SPD timings of only 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 (tCL-tRCD-tRP)

    Intel DH55PJ -
    Two independent memory channels with interleaved mode support
    Support for non-ECC, unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs with x8 organization
    8 GB maximum total system memory (with 2 Gb memory technology).
    Minimum total system memory: 1 GB using 1 Gb x8 module
    Serial Presence Detect
    DDR3 1333 MHz and DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM DIMMs


    Please provide links to the RAM used in both systems so I can check if they are compatible.

    first computer:
    1 stick of kingstone ddr2 2gb ram
    intel dg31pr

    second computer:
    2 sticks of 2gb ddr3 ram kingstone

    The 400W PSU on the second system is small if you have graphics card added or OC.

    Question - what happens if you use the 'old' RAM the worked before??
  17. i put everything back as it was before .... when it worked
    but now i dont have any idea what to do
    btw - the second pc does not have an added gpu it uses the built in one

    and - thanks everyone i appreciate the help
  18. so no one has an idea?
  19. Yes, get new/exchanged compatible RAM, and don't mix-match with your current RAM.

    DG31PR -

    DH55PJ -
  20. thanks anyone , i belive that this ends here , thanks alot for helping me
    אשכים אשכים אשכים אשכים
    i guess ill just take it to the local computer shop...
    thanks :D
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