Just finished my build. going into crossfire which should i get? or the ?

Thanks so much.
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  1. I would just get this one and overclock it myself - it's very simple and will save you some money, which you can spend on improving other components.
  2. yea but is ddr5. could you please answer my question tho?
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    All 5870s use GDDR5, there is no difference between any of them except a slight overclock and a different casing/fan combo.
  4. nope not the one u posted. look at its spec
  5. Umm, I absolutely assure you that they all use the same memory. I believe you are under a misunderstanding. DDR5=GDDR5
  6. really? then why does it not say that?
  7. Honestly, I'm not exactly sure... But desktop to clarify, RAM DIMMs (DDR, DDR2, DDR3) cannot be used in graphics cards, so there's no doubt that DDR should really be GDDR.
  8. All 5870's use GDDR5, if it's not listed then it's a typo plain and simple.
  9. IF you live in the US, then XFXs lifetime warranty is far better than the other companies 2-3 year warranties.
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