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Update my directx 10 for xp

I have directx 10 and I want 2 update my directx becoz when i was opening my pcx 2 emulater for playing ps2 games whenever i opened and running it there was a message comes which was plz update your directx for using this emulater so i plz request u to update my directx.Thank u...
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    Windows Xp only supports DX9...
    You will need to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 if you want to utilise DX10/11.

    That being said, you do not need DX10/11 for a PS2 Emulator.
    PCSX2 only requires a DX9 GPU.
    Assuming that your computer does have a compatiable GPU, I would recommend uninstalling then reinstalling PCSX2.
  2. To be fair, PCSX2's GPU plugins do render better in DX10/11 mode (at least in the lastest offical release; I haven't updated to any of the recent SVN releases yet, so this could no longer be the case...).

    You COULD try running the plugins in software DX10 mode and look for any graphical improvement, but don't expect any reasonable speed with that approach...
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