Wholesale price??

How much would the price of a cpu ( like say i5 750 or amd 955) or any other computer component be when a smaller store or even sites like newegg buys them from a bigger distributor like d&h???
I am just curious! :D .
Any one have a idea?
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  1. Take a look at the price cuts Microcenter does on intel CPUs periodically, i doubt they are selling them at cost, probably just with minimal profit. You can get an i5 750 for $170 and an i7 930 for $200 instead of neweggs $195 and $290 respectively. Now this is different from the price something like HP pays as they can just buy a tray of 1000 CPUs for much less but without packaging for each individual CPU.
  2. Quote:
    I think MC does take a loss on those chips. The idea is just to get you into the store, maybe even get you to drive 50-100miles. They know you will buy something else to go with it and probably even come back and purchase something else.

    IIRC some MC employee posted that yes, MC does take a loss on these sales in order to get customers in the door.

    However I dunno if I'd drive a hundred miles each way just to save $70 or so - my time is a bit more valuable than that, plus there's the gas to consider (unless it's downhill each way :D). Not that I drive a Hummer or anything, but still...
  3. Thanx guys
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