Dell Inspiron 530 Set Supervisor Password

I am curious to know something. When i press F2 to enter the bios i see an option to set a supervisor password. Does anyone know what this password is? Is there a way to reset it somehow and if so could i enter my own password. Also once i enter a password does it unlock the motherboard to more options.
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  1. If you set this password, then you will be the only one with access to the BIOS. It could become a problem if you set a password and later forgot that password. If this is a home computer, it is best to leave this option alone.
  2. Does it give me full access to the bios. Could i tweak the cpu or ram etc?
  3. Yes, you will have full access to the BIOS without setting a password - no more, no less. Tweaking the CPU, RAM, etc depends on your hardware.
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