Does my power supply have EPS support

Hi there everyone its been ages since i was last on forgot my password woops thats what happens when you have a fail memory like mine

anyways i am getting my next upgrade for my pc only thing i dont get which is new to me is these EPS cpu power plugs that are 8 pins

i have a coolermaster gx 750 and my question to all of you out there sorry if this has been answered before im to lazy to look through thousands of forums so please forgive me

im wondering does my power supply the cooler master gx 750 support EPS

if not i have two 4 pin cpu connectors can i use both of them

my current motherboard is the same and i was running off only one 4 pin and keep getting kernel power errors and if i pluged in the second 4 pin cpu plug same thing

annoying thing is this is a new power supply so i hope i can get the new stuff going

also i could be getting the current kernel power errors because i have a sli motherboard running the ati hd5850
sometimes i wish to keep the technology we have and go back to the old days with it didnt used to matter what graphics card i ran on what motherboard

everythings insane these days and now nvidia and ati have dog fights

anyways hope i can use my current power supply with the 2 4 pin cpu plugs
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    The GX 750 has a 4+4 CPU power connector so it will work on boards that only need four, but if the board needs 8 you just use them both together and you have an 8 pin EPS connector. Your PSU should be fine for the new board.
  2. thanks for the quick reply
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