Mac Files Won't Copy To External Hard Drive Plus Won't Format

I bought a Hitachi external drive last week as I need to transfer files off my Mac. Any time I go to transfer files from my Mac to the external I get the "not permitted" sign. I then tried to format the drive for PC and Mac but I got an "erase failed" notice. I have also downloaded and installed MacFUSE but that did nothing to resolve the problem. Is the drive faulty? Any feedback appreciated.
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  1. as you just purchased the external drive you should contact the manufacturer. you may need to have the drive replaced.
  2. If the drive is new and nothing has been copied to it yet you are best to plug it into your pc but to be compatible to both it MUST be formatted fat32 NOT ntfs.
    fat32 is the only common format that can be read on pc and mac.
    Chances are that drive is formatted in ntfs so you can't transfer files to it.
  3. You need to format the drive to something that OSX will read. Alternatively, you can get an NTFS driver from here: No format required for this one, although it does cost.
  4. If you only want to use it with Mac then let your Mac format it as others have said.

    Howver, there is more than just one choice for formatting an external drive for both Mac and Windows. There is an article about it here:

    To cut a long story short exFAT can be used with both Mac and many Windows operating systems as well as FAT32. You can also get software for either Mac or Windows that can read and write the other Operating Systems favourite format, but there is usually a cost.
  5. You can run the Windows partition on a Mac without formatting it. I just installed Tuxera and it works good. There is an article with a couple different ways to to make windows drives run on mac wthout haveing to reformat:
  6. HI ,

    Even i tried install Tuxera and it worked .
    It will available as a trial vertion for 15 days and u need to but the full version later.

    And one more option is : Paragon NTFS

    This is also as same as Tuxera and need to buy after a trial period.

    The above two will be useful for copying files from MAC to NTFS Hard disk
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