1 128gb ssd 1 500gb ssd 1 3tbhdd best solution please

I am building a computer for the first time. My question is, what is the best setup for these 3 drives on an rog x79 rampage mb.

128gb Crucial hoping to use as boot with OS windows 7

500gb crucial for photoshop and my games BF3, and UO (yes some of us old guys play that still.

3tb seagate baracuda for photos, video and less priority stuff.

best solution? thanks
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  1. put the SSD into SATA0
    put the 3TB HDD into SATA1
    put the 500G HDD into SATA2
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    ^ not really

    Concur with proposed Setup:
    128 Gig SSD as an OS + Boot drive
    512 Gig M4 SSD as a drive for Games and all files you want to run at SSD speed.
    3 TB drive, For storage / Back up
    NOTE - Put your Image of 128 Gig SSD (From Windows Backup - Located in control panel, System & Security, Backbup) in the root directory of the HDD.
    How I have my three systems that have daul SSDs and a HDD.

    SSDs should BOTH be on Intel Sata III (6) port. (Red) - SATA6G_1 (128 Gig SSD) and _2 (For 512 Gig SSD)... Caution Do NOT stick them on the ASMedia® ASM1061 controller Ports!!!
    The HDD can be placed on the ASMedia® ASM1061 controller Sata III ort OR on the Intel Sata II port. The HDD will NOT perform better on a SATA III Port. ONLY Burst speed is higher on the sata III port. Side Note, Since SSDs are better on the Intel Sata III port, the ASMedia® ASM1061 controller is OK for the HDD, But if you have no need for this port you could disable it and use the HDD on the Intel Sata II port - Your call on that. So either SAGA6G_E1 OR SATA3G_1
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