To play a game console ON my computer?

So, if I do not want have or want to buy a monitor with component inputs...

What kind of card would I need to buy (and is recommended) to hook a game console (PS2, Wii, PS3[This is only one that can use HDMI]) to my computer?
I would like to be able to screenshot and record gameplay with fraps or something if possible.
This is the ONLY card I could find that seems to match my needs, but it does not seem to have great ratings.
What would you guys recommend? or is this the best option I have?
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  1. Anyone?
    I suppose this could be my only option?
  2. it very well, might be but honestly i would probably stay away from such an option, because running it through you're computer there would be a pretty decent lag, if your recording, In my house at least the tv upstairs have a dvr and the one downstairs doesn't and there like a 2 or 3 second delay, you'd probably be better, but i honestly don't know too much about cards like these
  3. Heh, I tried to capture some cutscenes from a game once. I used one of the things that's meant to transfer VHS tapes to mpeg2. It had like a 4 second lag at least. There's no way that would actually be usable.
  4. What you'll need is an HDMI splitter so that you can still see the real time gameplay on your other tv which is REQUIRED.

    I used to capture my games, you cant just do it with your pc, it will lag no matter what.
    You need to have splitters or games are unplayable.

    ahh okay so I could use something like this?


    PS3 is Out

    screen gets and In
    What kind of card could take the other "In" to record gameplay? What do you use NineLives?
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    Yes thats exactly it. The card you mentioned above should be okay, or you can use an TV Tuner card w/hdmi input. You could simply use fraps as mentioned above or some other recording program to record.

    I know that theres something out there for maybe 100 to 200 (Cant remember the exact price) called black magic or something, also a pci card. It might work.

    Also that card that is from newegg.. if one is just an output that repeats the signal its given from your ps3, you could just get another hdmi cable and connect that to your tv. I dont know if those are two inputs though, you'd have to check.

    Good luck with recording stuff! Have fun!
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