Evga Motherboard F3/F6 Problem

Not sure if my last post worked?

Basically when i turn my motherboard on it comes up with these error codes on the led screen, then randomly starts restarting.
Also the monitor doesnt turn on ?
Im not an expert with computers, but i've built 2 before and had no problems

Any clues or tips guys ?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. The motherboard manual should say exactly what those codes mean.
  2. on the LED display it comes up as F3 and F6, in the book it says "3F - reserved" ... ?
    and "6F - FDD instal - Install FDD and setup BIOS data aera parameters"
    How exactly do i do that, since when i boot the system up it wont turn the monitor on...

    Anyone shed any light please?
  3. If you give the link to the motherboard MFG site for your motherboard model, ususally the manual is there and other people often will take the time to read it. Right now you have given effectively no info to work with.

    Also is the 3F or F3, you listed them backwards.

    You might want to email or call tech support of your motherboard manufacturer. They should help you or help you determine that the motherboard is broken.
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