Can i boot dell dimension 5150 from external hard drive

I tied to repair dell dimension 5150. I hold the Operating discs but when 34 left the computer changes the boot to A drive and seeks the modem from A Drive (Changed te sequence from DVD to Diskett) without my intereference.

If I burn on external drive will this work?
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  1. Not very clear from your post what is happening, but don't see why it would not boot from an external drive, does it have an option to in the BIOS?
  2. I had virus in my desktop so I tried to repair rathere than formatting the hard drive. I did nto reaised that the drivrs were updated so either remove or save on a disc,

    I have operating discs so after carrying out the rebooting exercise following the promts, the repair process started but when repairing the modem it is seeking A drive. and requesting to browse the relevent link from A drive. A drive is connected. None of the keys functions and basically it is stuck.

    I have BIOS and sequence is CD/DVD and then A drive.I do not know how to progress. My operating system is Windows XP multi media.
  3. You should be able to cancel out of the driver request and continue. If not, you should be able to change the path it's looking for the drives on. That driver request does not have anything to do with the boot sequence. If you can't use your keyboard, try another one, maybe a PS/2 one if you are using USB.
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