Cause of RAM failure?

Hey guys,

Recently my computer failed to boot after a power cut, having taken it into a local computer shop, they diagnosed that the motherboard only had failed, and was to be replaced. Having received this information, i got someone to pick up the computer for me, since it weights about 40kg, and i have no car, when i was speaking with the shop owner he asked if i wanted it put back together, i said its fine how it is, as long as its appropriately packaged. When the computer arrived home, the motherboard which had failed was in nothing, and the 2 ram modules where still in it. I wasn't bothered about the board, but i wondered if this could damage the ram, however proceeded to fix the computer, and now after testing both ram modules, only 1 appears to be functioning.

so my question is;

Could the power cut have damaged both the board and the RAM?

Is it possible that the ram could be damaged being transported in just the motherboard (it was placed on the back seat of the car in nothing at all)

I'm basically wondering if the shop is at fault for damaging the ram through how it was packaged, or if it was already damaged, since they did not say anything about the ram being damaged in the report they wrote up, (which i had to send to my insurer).

p.s who was picking up the computer, had no idea about them, i gave strict instructions not to touch any components or remove them from the packaging/bags.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. If they never said anything about damaged RAM in the paperwork, I would almost assume they never tested it to see if that was the cause.

    I would pull that bad RAM stick out and see where you get, confirm it with a Memtest to make sure you got the right one. Motherboard diagnostics can often be thrown around by bad RAM, might still have a good working mobo and just a bad RAM stick.

    As far as what kills RAM, they are very ESD sentitive devices. Could be anything from a previous power surge, spike, shock, bad ground, etc. I've never seen a power cut that damaged RAM, if anything it would just corrupt a few files in your HD.

    I wouldn't worry about the transportation damaging any components unless they we're being very hard on them (doubt it tho)
  2. OK, thanks, i am sure that the ram is bad/damaged though, since the computer wont boot with just this 1 module, it sucks if they didn't put it in their report, since the insurance won't have paid towards it, and I'll be out of pocket.

    thanks for your help, appreciate it :)
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