Radeon 5870 or XFX Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) in Crossfire?

Any comments are greatly appreciated:

Newegg has the HD 5770 on sale today for $159.99 and I'm wondering if it would be better to pick up two of those to run in crossfire instead of getting a single Radeon 5870.

It would save me over $100 (which is great) but I don't want to miss out if the 5870 is still much better than running two 5770 cards. Any thoughts?

Games I'll be playing: Dragon Age/Any new MMO/Battlefield 2/Star Craft/etc
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  1. none of those games are demanding, what monitor resolution are you playing at?

    a single 5770 or 5850 may do the trick for you
  2. Two 5770's in CFX actually outpace the 5870 by a slim to medium margin depending on game. Over $100 in savings, in my opinion, is worth it.

    The only problem you'll have is that in the distant future (because it will be fairly distant) is your 5770's will have reached their maximum usefulness for gaming. Getting one 5870 now will allow the option of getting a 2nd one in the future, but by that time you may end up getting an entirely new rig.

    Slightly better performance
    Lower power/heat consumption (I think, if anyone wants to correct me if I'm wrong, please do with your source.)
    Significantly cheaper
    Crossfire is so kewl with a k

    Will end your upgrade capacity
    Two 5870's blow two 5770's out of the water
    May run into CFX issues, but this is generally easy to remedy.

    I have two 5770's myself and haven't seen a problem in gaming yet. If you want to game at your full potential now without care for the future, the choice is obvious.
  3. ct1615 said:
    none of those games are demanding, what monitor resolution are you playing at?

    a single 5770 or 5850 may do the trick for you

    Good question, thought he said he was playing at 1920x but that was another thread >.<
  4. ull end up playing sc2 only, if u get into it, so prepare that mostly.
  5. Sadly I don't even know what resolution. The first thing I bought when getting the rig together was the monitor so that may have been a huge mistake. I got the LG M237WD-PM 23" monitor from Fry's. Say's resolution is 1920x1080 (is that bad??)

    I would love not to mess with crossfire but want to be future proof somewhat since this rig is fairly high end.

    i7 920 rig, 6 gigs ram, 750W Corsair PSU

    Rest is still being ordered
  6. Sounds like a 5870 would do very nice be cause your system looks like it is very future proof. 5850 would meet your needs and would be cheaper to CFX in the future.

    Kind of a toss up to me.
  7. Thanks Slayer. I'll look into the 5850 tonight. Hoping to get everything complete tonight so I can start gaming by the weekend (crossing fingers).
  8. agreed, get the 5850. get a second one later on if you want to CF
  9. Me likes the 5870 :D. Really though, I think the 5850 makes the most sense since it's pretty close to the 5870 while being alot cheaper and you can add another one for more performance down the line.
  10. Well, wound up getting the 5870. It rocks btw.
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