Slaving a hard drive with Windows 7 that has a bad boot

I want to preface this question with this: I know just enough about computers to make really bad choices. :c The computer in question has windows 7 64 home edition installed.

I was installing new hardware on a pc, and during set up I must have restarted windows when it was booting. Once the new hardware was installed, the computer would freeze during startup and go into startup repair mode. It was unable to automatically fix the problem. I also tried system restore, and used the dos command prompt and tried all of the bootrec options, including forcing it to create a new bcd. none of this solved the problem.

At this point I figured the only thing I could do was format and start fresh. After I slaved the hard drive and saved all the relevant information, I started to wonder. How bad of an idea would it be to create a new master drive on the computer with a fresh copy of Windows 7, and slave the old hard drive to it?
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  1. Thank you ^__^
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