4GB Dual Vs. 6GB Single Channel


I'm not very technical in terms of making computers, and parts etc. I had a friend help me make this computer and I have a RAM question.

460GTX Graphics
i5 2500 CPU
6GB of Kingston HyperX 2000

1) In windows it is only showing that 4GB of my RAM is there (Control Panel -> System etc.). Since my mother board is a dual channel one is it not possible for it to show all 6GB?

2) If I can get the 6GB to show, would 4GB run in dual channel or 6GB run in single channel (I'm assuming 3 sticks must be run in single from browsing these forums) be better from a gaming point of view?

Cheers for help
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    1) it should show 6GB in single channel
    2) Dual channel is faster than single channel and for gaming there is very little gain from 6Gb over 4GB.
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