$2000 gaming/3d modeling machine

Hi everyone,

Im looking for a new build to replace my aging 9 year old (almost like a child) PC. I need the new build to handle well the latest games set on high resolutions and med-high settings as well as 3D modeling (using apps like 3dsmax) and some mild rendering and a bit of photoshop editing. I need the PC to also handle well programming as i just started my CS bachelor degree.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week (the closer the better))

BUDGET RANGE: around 2000 (the lower the better)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: programming (im studying for a CS degree right now), gaming, 3d modeling and mild rendering, photoshop editing.



COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: ok..., i will be buying the parts in Israel (where i live) but the price i stated is corresponding to US prices (without taking into account discounts and rebates).

PARTS PREFERENCES: I was thinking of Intel's core i7-930/920 CPU (maybe the i7-860 would be better?), and i can't decide between GTX 470 and HD 5850 GPUs... for games i think they are relatively the same but for other purposes (like 3d work) i don't really know.
Im not sure what size of monitor i want... i think something around 24-27" would be nice or maybe i better go for a bigger LCD TV (aren't they cheaper?)



MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 or 1920x1200

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like a quiet and cool (as in cold :)) PC. I need it to last for at least 4 years. What manufacturers should i look at if going NVIDIA way or ATI way?

Thank you very very much :)
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  1. Welcome to the forum. I can link you some parts, but if you have a website or store you plan on buying from, that would be helpful. I'll just fit the build into your $2000 budget using Newegg prices, and if needed we can then modify it to account for your local prices/exchange rate/etc.




    2 x 6GB





    That comes to just $1150. See what you think, and ask any questions that come to mind.

    For a monitor, this may work
  2. no need to account for local prices....

    about the mobo, there is an article here in TH that i have read that recommends the Gigabyte UD3R mobo over the ASUS P6X58D-E...
    why do you think the Asus model is better for me?
    also if im going for a x58 chipset why not get a mobo that has 4 PCI-Ex16 slots and is capable of doing quad sly or quad crossfire, like this Asrock model: ASRock?

    about the GPU, i don't it is strong enough for the kind of gaming i want to do and it's way below my budget... i know i want one of these two: ati's HD 5850 or nvidia's GTX 470. i know they perform on par in games and the nvidia card costs about $40 more, but nvidia's cards also tend to work better in other kind of applications (such as 3d rendering), at least from what i've heard...

    about the RAM, do i really need 12GB of ram? i said im only going to do mild rendering, isn't 6GB enough?

    about the HDD, i need at least 1TB, should i still pick the Samsung F3?

    thanks a lot for helping
  3. I would recommend the UD3R, but we've gotten a few complaints from users having issues with it on here recently. Feature wise it is excellent, though. You don't really need 4 PCI-e slots, and I would both the UD3R and P6X58D-E over the ASRock one.

    If your budget allows for it get the 470, it will help you more in your rendering work than the 5850.

    Yes, you can drop down to 6GB, and use the money saved to get the 470.

    Yes, there is a 1TB version of the F3 that is even a bit faster.
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