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I borrowed an external HDD from my mate recently and after plugging it in my other external HDD completely disappeared from my system. It was in device manager and that was it. After sometime it did reappear however im having more issues now, and whether it is to do with the other HDD being hooked in or just coincidence i dont know. The issue im having now is that when i plug it i i get the noise to say its recognised but it wont show up in My Computer for sometimes up to 5 minutes and even then if i so much as click on it to see properties or open or it takes even longer. At best im getting 50 kb/s transfer so copying files to my ither drive will take forever and its also causing everything else to act up. If i have it plugged in my computer seems to want to let it load before anything else and either it takes a long time to load or i have to un hook the drive.

So far i have run disk checks, defrags, virus scans, usb speed checks and prob a couple other things ive forgotten about. Anyone have any idea how to fix this as ive noticed on other forums people are having similar issues with no solutions.
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  1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  2. open device manager and look for unknown device under universal serial bus controllers if you see one right click and select uninstall. unplug it and plug it back in see if installs.

    i did work on a 3tb external drive that had a bad controller, you would plug it in it would give the windows plug and play sound then nada. when you opened up the drive it was a normal ide drive with an adapter in a case, i pluged in an ide to usb adapter and transfered the data to the new drive that way.
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