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Putting together my new computer.. the last thing i have to choose is my video card set up.

Im looking for input on (2) 260's v (1) 470

The cpu im building is

i7 930
evga x58 board
6 gb memory ddr3 tri

computer will be used for gaming 99.9% of the time.

I realize the biggest benefit of the 470 will be dx11 support, but im looking more at overall proformance here.

Thank you in advance for your input
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  1. depends on your time frame, if you plan to build ASAP then go with the 260's, if you can wait I would get the 470 since supply is going to be an issue once these cards are released.

    Personally, I would just go with ATI. Look at Nvidia's next cycle of cards.
  2. Supply could be a issue, but will be managable.

    but will a single 470 be better than the 260's in sli?

    on the charts listed here 2 260's are better than 1 285 on most of the charts, but since the 470 data is limited im having to make a choice based a little more on faith and opinion than data.

    you would be hard pressed for me to buy a ATI card ever... :)
  3. for games that support SLI, the GTX 260 would be the better option but not by a large amount.

    260 SLI is roughly similar to the 295.

    From what I have seen the 470 jumps around offering 285-295 performance.

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