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Memory Errors - are they ever ok? Memtest86

Hi all,

I purchased a pair of Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 sticks

I don't have anything overclocked (although would like to overclock in the future). I'm running memtest 86+ on each of them individually. The 1st has run for 16 hours and it found two errors in pass 5. It is currently on pass 18 and hasn't found any more.

Are any errors acceptable? Shouldn't it find errors on all passes?
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    Errors how ever small they are can come back around and create problems. RMA the ram.
  2. I agree with rolli59. Why risk your data when you can RMA your memory.
  3. Agreed! RMA'd and awaiting a new stick! Second stick ran 30 hours without an error. :) Thanks guys!
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