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I purchased this machine in 2006. It has worked but it now takes me 1 hour to be able to view the monitor. The onboard graphics card didn't work tool well so I got another card. It works but it took 1 hour to sit with the machine and power it on and off. I removed the other cards. I removed the battery. What a frustrating ordeal to have to go through every day. It must be the motherboard. Dell would charge me $200 for a new board. Why do this? Is there anything else I can do to get the monitor to work? What is the problem anyway? I never can see the Dell logo when I boot the machine. I can after I have the monitor working and the reboot. Upon reboot I can see the Dell logo. Why do the drivers get lost when it's cold in the morning?
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  1. Try changing the motherboard battery. It's probably a round lithium 2032 available at some computer stores and retail outlets in the battery section for $2-3. To remove, just use a flathead screwdriver or dull knife. Press the flat tab area until the battery pops up enough to lift out.
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    Is this a CRT monitor or an LCD?
    If it is a CRT it's getting old and tired and you would be better off getting a shiny new LCD from LG or Samsung....
    Hope this helps...JQ
  3. This turned out to be the monitor going bad. I bought another used one and it fires up every time. Time to recycle the old monitor. Can these be sold for parts?
  4. Thanks everyone. I bought another monitor. My old monitor no longer works.
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