PC keeps looping, won't go into safe mode


My PC keeps looping and won't go into safe mode; it loops back to the motherboard. I do not understand BIOS. I downloaded a free version of microsoft xp onto a USB drive but can't get my PC to go to that drive to open that file and install it.

I have tried going in to all the choices such as starting windows from the last known working place, restarting windows normally, starting in safe mode, and nothing works. It loops back to the green motherboard screen.

I do get a long line of printing that fills the screen, such as "multi disk (0) redisk (0) partition and a variety of this gibberish fills the screen, then goes back to the green motherboard screen.

I am wondering if I need to buy a reboot disc? I do not have reboot discs, this PC is not mine and there are no reboot discs for this PC I am told - reboot discs were never purchased with the computer.

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  1. I don't think you are going to get help installing a free version of Microsoft Windows XP Pro here.
  2. I think now I need to get free downloadable windows xp and create rebootable floppy disks. I don't have a floppy disk drive in my netbook to do this. I am looking for where to buy the reboot floppy disks since I can't make them myself. There are several sites that have free xp reboot files for download - it's just getting them copied onto floppy disks I am now trying to figure out.
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