Gigabyte UD4 vs Asus Maximus IV E

First off my apologies for my indecisiveness but Im having trouble deciding on which board to get for my new sandy bridge build. Im only planning on running one video card for the time being so the Asus may be overkill. Thing is Im really familiar with ROG boards and love the UEFI bios, it also has 4x as many USB 3 ports. The UD4 is cheaper, though price really isnt an issue, has an unlocked multi and has support for a UEFI bios when they decide to release it?

Ill be using it for gaming and basic computing and will OC to a modest 3.8.

I guess the biggest thing is Im resistant to change and have gotten to know some really helpful people on the Asus boards, I just know their product really well.

I guess Im asking to be sold on the UD4 because the MAximus is more than I need or will ever use.

Just want a solid board that wont give me issues and Ive read that some people are having ram detection issues with their UD4's.

Maximus -

UD4 -




Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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