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I have a strange problem, my pc stopped working after a restart an never start again, everything is powering the fan and hard but nothing and no beebs at all (the speaker is alright) after alot of guessing then asking then consulting , I can not understand what is the problem.
My 8600gt card appeard to be the cause , after cleaning the card and the slot , it worked twice then stopped working again, cleaning it again worked then stopped working again , when trying another card it works perfectly normal aslo the card itself works on other machines, is it possible that there is a conflict between them that was not there before?
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  1. I would say there is a bad connection on the card in the slot somewhere. Inspect all the pins.
  2. I would say that the graphics card has not been pushed fully down in its slot.
  3. Re-seat the card and make sure all the cables are properly connected...
  4. It turned to be something in pci-e slot is wrong, I must get a new board.
  5. A bent pin! A handy person can fix with a pick.
  6. Not a bent pin ,after further analysis :) ,another lower profile card worked but not higher.
    BTW I have changed the psu to another better.
  7. What do you mean by lower profile? What cards and sockets are you using?
  8. 8600gt ,pci express ,I mean *500 or *300,But I think it is a bad motherboard anway and better to be changed it is a Gigabyte GA965-DS3.
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