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First off, I have an E8600 processor with 8gb memory running Windows7 Ultimate. I am using a MSI 9800GT with 512 memory. My problem is when I have something like Media center (I use it to watch tv while gaming) running on my second monitor when I open multiple IE windows my system response gets alot slower, depending on how many windows I have open and what the content is. For example, I play wow and am getting more into the higher end raids, I minimize my wow and am doing research on that particular boss fight like youtube vidoes or something. If I open a few different windows (but don't even start the video) I can tell a huge difference in system response. I have been debating on possibly getting a new motherboard and going with 2 video cards, maybe SLI? Ir just getting a much better video card for what I have. Just hate to put out all the money for a new motherboard that has 2 PCI-e slots if the single new video card will solve my problems. From what I can tell I don't have any heat problems. Video card temp stays between 55c and 60c. The case has very good ventelation with good air flow and nothing blocking from the outside. Not sure if the power supply could affect this or not.
I unhooked the computer and brought it to work yesterday to see if it needed blowing out, which it was very clean inside. Had very little dust at all. While connected to a single monitor here, it seemed to run things much faster. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. You are simple tasking the computer and its components more multitasking. Upgrade will help.
  2. I understand that I am multitasking, but I did not have this problem at all with Windows XP on this system running internet explorer 6, and do not think I should be having this much of a problem with the specs I have. Mainly I just wanted to know if I will see much better response with just an upgraded video card or going with the dual video cards on a new motherboard. Could be just internet explorer 8 causing my problems, but I don't really like the look and feel of the other browsers out there. I hate that IE8 has 2 tasks running for each web page open compared to just one for all in xp with IE6.
  3. Steps for manually enabling or disabling "desktop composition"
    From System Properties, go to the Advanced tab and click Settings under the Performance section.
    Under the Visual Effects section, uncheck "Enable desktop composition" to disable this.
    I think you can also set it in each individual .exe so that each time you run that app it'll stick,

    I copied this from another post, it should help. Its a setting thats available in MPC home theatre , when playing movies it helps prevent tearing. Which should also help with the latency your experiencing. This is where a quad core, would help.
  4. I have that unchecked already. One of the first things I do when setting up a computer is change these settings. All I have checked here is Show thumbnails instead of icons, and Use visual styles on windows and buttons.
  5. Your system SHOULD be very responsive. I have similar systems (slower) and do what you do. I have a e4500 2.2 4meg ram~ I do notice Firefox will load up(eat memory) , a restart of FF fixes that soon enough.? Have you tried to do something 'special' with your virtual memory setting? Sometimes its better to leave that 'let windows decide everything' button checked.
  6. no. it is still set to "system managed".
  7. Have you considered using something like MPC (media player classic) to play your videos ?
    I use K-lit codec pack full install. Its updated constantly and installs MPC home theatre on your system. IMHO, its very optimized . It uses very little cpu/gpu cycles .
  8. yes, I use that, but I use media center for tv only. (just realized I put the wrong thing here.)
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