I7 920 vs i7 920XM - difference?

I am looking at purchasing a Dell M6500 today. I have one picked out from outlet with an i7 920. Is this the same high benchmarked processor as I've seen on sites, such as the one below? It seems to benchmark quite higher than the 720/820.

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  1. No,i7 920 is a desktop CPU,where as 920XM is a mobile CPU("M" stands for mobile).
  2. Is there a speed difference, or is the 920 just a power hog? This is a laptop I am purchasing.
  3. Yes there is.
    i7 920XM runs @ 2GHz(3.2 on Turbo)
    i7 920 desktop runs @ 2.6(2.9 on Turbo)
    There are other differences too(all provided in the links),also they both use different architectures,making the desktop one faster.
  4. I can't decide! High performance, but big machine with bad battery life, or lower performance but smaller machine and good battery life. I am an IT manager, as well as do some heavier project management type stuff. I do move quite a bit, hook up to projectors in meetings everyday, but I do use some heavier statistical packages, and some minor AutoCAD.
  5. Well,the best person who can decide is you,although 920XM has better battery life but its not great,but if you are on the move,then go for a mobile CPU,because laptops with a desktop CPU are heavier
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