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I have been wanting to purchase a Asus P8P67 Pro, however the problems that are being posted are making me think I should wait. I found these two posts on the Asus forum. I would appreciate any insight, wisdom, opinion and perspective on what these say.

Posted:1/22/2011 7:05:00 AM # 93

This issue with RAM has been talked about around the world since the board was launched last week.
It has something to do with using P55 chip set designed RAM in P67 design boards. It seems to have to do with RAM voltage and the XMP profile is a bit different. That is why some firms, like G.Skill, have already come out with adapted RAM labelled for Sandy Bridge" called "Ripjaw X". I have heard that there are a lot of problems with specific makes, many already mentioned in this thread. Stores are getting tons of returns and doing RMA's on various DIMMs as a result of this. I understand it only affects about half the RAM that is available. If you load old style 1333MHz RAM, like Kingston ValueRam, it works perfectly without any issues at all. I know because that is what I run (without issue).

So, I suggest the fix is either return the RAM and get 1.5v stuff without XMP or buy new type "enthusiast" RAM up to 1.65v that is properly designed for the Sandy Bridge architecture.

Posted:1/24/2011 6:46:00 AM # 102

I don't know who is to blame for this issue but I have had close to zero trouble with mine. I know there are lots of people out there that are raving about Sandy Bridge just like me.

I wouldn't use the 1253 bios update either....I am running with 1003 and it is fine. I am fairly certain the trouble has to do with the RAM being used. I bought cheap Kingston ValueRam 1333 MHz stuff and it hasn't given me a speck of trouble. I am getting great speeds with it too. My logic for going with KVR is: past history with KVR has been great, Kingston doesn't make junk RAM like some firms, the speed (1333MHz) agrees with the Intel specs (1066 & 1333 for the i5-2500k), the voltage is right (1.5v), it agrees with Intel specs and my dealer said they were not getting any back when sold with Sandy Bridge setups. I like a stable system so I was conservative and I am very glad I did! Some folks are buying leading edge XMP style RAM and paying the price with lots of problems. For what? A few extra frames or a nanosecond more speed.

So, may I suggest you buy some of it and try it. If it doesn't work, you can always return it. Good Luck and let us know how you make out with it.
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  1. Basically what they are saying, buy the correct ram and there are no issues.
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