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Does Windows XP Home Edition SP3 support the older version of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)? That is WAIK build 6000, which is 992 MB. Microsoft says it supports Windows XP SP2, or Windows XP SP2 with KB926044 (if you use XP to load a Vista registry hive). I'm sure it supports XP SP3. I read an article that stated you must use Windows XP Professional SP2, but I can't confirm. Does anybody know for a fact whether WAIK build 6000 supports Windows XP Home Edition or not?
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  1. " I'm sure it supports XP SP3"

    If you are sure, why ask?

    According to the official download page, XP-SP3 is not mentioned even though the page is dated well after SP3 was released. I take that to mean XP-SP3 is not supported.
  2. I have 32 bit XP PRO, and have installed the version for Vista...I think...and it works sort of! When I boot a CD it says XP Service pack 2 and my USB mouse does not work.

    Does anyone have a link to an SP3 version?
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