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Any ideas as to why my card does not allow me to change the profile settings to set the fan speed to change to a higher speed when my card gets to a higher temp " i have installed nvidea system tools "but my pc locks every now and then when playing metro 2033 with the gfx setting at very high its like the card gets to hot and my pc locks up and not even the reset button will work i have to hold down my power button to switch of the pc to be able to restart my pc
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  1. First check the temperatures: GPU-Z is good for the card and Coretemp or Speedfan for the CPU, both can be left running to monitor and log the temperatures.
    If the card is overheating it may just need to be cleaned out some computer and electrical supply shops sell cans of gas for this purpose.
    Remove the card, take it outside and blow the gas the 'wrong way' I.E. into the exhaust of the card, stuff stuck to the fan blades can be removed with a cotton bud or toothbrush.
  2. hi coozie7 thx for the quick reply i used that gpu-z and started the game again and not even 5 min into the game and it locked up again
    the temp got to about 65 deg celius and it locked up my pc with a purple haze screen
  3. 65c is a normal temp for the video card, I don't think its a heat issue

    does this happen with other games?
  4. hi ct 1615 i dont think that temp is right but i know it gets hotter
    then that but all my other games are fine
  5. if its just crashing in Metro2033, maybe you should try updating to the latest driver from Nvidia, and make sure that you have the latest patches or whatever for the game (not sure if they have any patches yet, but worth checking;-)
  6. if its just Metro2033, i would check their tech forum. It could be an issue with a patch, certain drivers, etc., I'm sure you are not the only one with this issue.
  7. hi i have the latest drivers for the card driver v 197.13 and acording to afterburner the temp goes up to 85 deg celcius
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    I would then try to make sure that you have all the bug patches for the game and check with their support forum. 85C is a little warm, but I wouldn't expect that to cause a crash. Is it only happening with Metro2033 though?
  9. hi aswell i looked further down on afterburner under fan seep it maxed out at 100 % aswell so this is starting to worry me allot now
  10. so that is fan speed 100% and it still gets to 85C and i have allot of air fentalation in my case Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper
  11. have you tried the Metro2033 tech forum?
  12. Well, if you are hitting 85C with your fan at 100% you might have a problem with the card. Have you tried running some other games to see if you crash in them as well?
  13. going to install crysis warhead now to see what it does and i will set the gfx setting to max will be back in a few min
  14. back crysis warhead does the same temp goes to 83 C with the fan at 100 % is this some thing to worry about as i dont have the cadh to replace this card ?
  15. Did it actually crash with in Crysis when it hit those temps with the fan a 100%? Also- do you know if your card is still under manufacturer warranty? Its possible you will need to RMA it to the manufacturer as that sounds like a true hardware issue if it DOES lock the PC in Crysis as well.
  16. hi yes it does he same thing as i have to hold the power button for a bit and switch the pc off and start it again
  17. Yup- check and see if you can RMA the card. What brand is it and how old is the card?
  18. Brand MSI and its just over a year old
  19. I believe the warranty on those cards (at least in the US) is something like 3 years, so you should be good to RMA to MSI. I would contact their tech support on this issue.
  20. kk well that could be a prob as i live in South Africa and there are no MSI offices in SA i could ask my mother in law to phone the uk branch as she lives there ?
  21. Just get on their website and contact their tech support that way. see what they say.
  22. Limited Warranty Period by Product MSI VGA Products are warranted for 3 year limited warranty (Two (2) years Parts & Labor, and the third Year Parts ONLY, shipping and handling fee will be required). as what i have stated here i have stated in the online Customar services
  23. aswell i have told them i have asked my friends and i have asked here in toms hardware Forums as toms hardware are well known internationaly
  24. yeah- its still under 2 years though right? so it should still be under warranty, so hopefully you can somehow get it to them and get a working card.
  25. flyinfinni thx allot for all your help and to the rest of the guys aswell thx allot 8)

    Now i just hope they are going to rma the card for me and not give me hell
    i will keep you guys posted regards to the rma

    Thx again
    Kind Regards

  26. no problem. Good luck man.
  27. Hi guys
    This sucks how am i suppose to give them a screenie of the temp and fan speed if i have to switch my pc off and restart it

    Dear Stephen Garavarian,
    Thank you for contacting MSI Technical Support. First please tell us where you got gpu temperature, which please kindly take a picture for this. Please tell us the s/n on your vga card. Also please tell us your vga bios version using tool.
    At the same time, we suggest you update your vga card through Live Update to check again.
    Live Update
    In addition, please update your motherboard from vendor.

    Best regards,
    MSI Technical Support Team
  28. Hi
    I used the msi program afterburner "v1.5.1" for the temperature and fan speed as it displays both

    I have the latest Nvidea drivers for my card aswell "197.13_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_english_whql"
    My GFX card bios is "62.00.0E.00.03"

    My motherboard bios is upto date with the latest bios version "P5Q-ASUS-2208"
  29. Just take a screen capture of msi afterburner and, if you can, get the temp up and take a screen cap, or even a digital picture if you can't screen cap it. Then send them an email with them. Hope you can get it taken care of!
  30. hey guy thx for all the help, i got my new card today and it works like a charm
  31. glad you got your problems figured out man! Enjoy the new hardware:-)
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