Something's amiss with "soft" restarts! (MSI 770-G45)

Hello, everyone.
Evidence suggests there's something wrong with my motherboard, an MSI 770-G45, but I want to make sure it's not some setting or what have you.
So, lets say I am going to restart my comp. I hit restart in windows, and it proceeds to do just that. Only one problem that I know of with this picture: My monitor turns off, and stays off, until I power off or press the hard reset on my pc. I can live with this issue, it's just annoying, having to manually hit reset, after restarting my comp thru Windows, BIOS, bootable cd, etc...

Does anyone have a solution, or am I out of luck?
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  1. How do you have it connected to the monitor? I've seen one time when a monitor was connected via a DVI cable a monitor not want to detect a signal at first. Try connecting it by a vga. Before that maybe check video drivers, or possibly if there are any bios updates for your board, but I'd use bios flashing as a last resort.
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