Ripjaw Compatibility?

Hey, all.

Does anybody know if these ripjaws:

Will work with this motherboard:

I checked the compatibility chart over here:

but I couldn't find anything. The ripjaws aren't on the list, but I was told by forumgoer Why_Me (who seems to know what he's talking about) that they are compatible.

Nothing against Why_Me, I just want a second opinion so I don't have to go sending parts back because I didn't do enough research.

So, anybody have experience wit this combo? Do any of you guys know if these are compatible? I appreciate your time.

Thanks much!
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  1. They should. RAM says it's specifically designed for P67 platforms
  2. I'm hoping it's right. I mean the Newegg details says "designed for p67", but the Asrock detail sheet doesn't list the ripjaws' product number.

    Hm. Maybe the Asrock details are not a definitive list?

    Anybody else know anything on this issue?
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    Well everything seems to match, RAM is 1333, and dual channel and motherboard supports dual channel and 1333. It should work
  4. Ok, that's two Tom's Hardware forumgoers who are in support of this MoBo/RAM combo, and that's enough for me. Besides, the specs check out on the Newegg details, even if the parts aren't on the official list.

    I'm psyched about getting this gaming beast together (and believe me, coming from an HP pavilion from 2005, this is a long-overdue upgrade).

    Thanks for your help.
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  6. No problem. Enjoy your PC!
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