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I wasn't sure if this is the best forum but I am seeking to get some feedback on growing my storage for photos/video.

I would like to replace, upgrade or use the existing hardware to create a better and longer term growth solution with backup. Currently, I have storage that is backed up, duplicated and have a copy stored offsite but I'm outgrowing my current solution quickly!

Here is what I have and would like to utilize if possible in another solution.

iMac with 1TB Drive - backs up to G-Tech 2TB external drive
- iMac drive has 'working' files, nearly full.

HP EX475 Windows Home Server (WHS) with 4 x 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black
- this storage WAS duplicated until I ran out of space, now it's NOT duplicated. Just pooled storage.
- currently storing approx 6TB of data

HP WHS was backing up to a 4TB G-Tech ext drive - now, this has exceeded capacity. Split between 4TB and other 2TB ext drives.

I need about 7TB of current storage with growth of 2-4TB/year. I'd like to estimate less but now I am 1TB per month, while other months are minimal.

Any suggestions? I want to (of course) minimize expense and utilize what I already have as much as possible. NOT looking for a Drobo - I don't like the proprietary file formats. I like being able to pull a drive out of my WHS and access files as needed - but very open to ditching WHS. Of course, I also want some type of RAID as a safeguard for data/drives.

Would love to know what others have done - I'm quickly needed a solid growth solution! Any insight, recommendation or forums to find solution?

Thanks SO much!
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  1. Why don't you also consider, DVD data backups?

    Although, it's nice to have a portable drive, it would be good to have another form of storage other than Hard Drives.
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