I just need an opinion on 1155 setup?

Here is my soon to be purchase:

i7 2600k
Asus P67 Deluxe
RevoDrive 120gb SSD
8gb Rip Jaw X's

I want the 2600K for sure, and was going to get the AsRock Extreme6, but the RevoDrive is for sure capable on the Deluxe.
The 8gb's I also plan to buy for sure.

I am wanting your opinion on the RevoDrive, on whether I would be better off with a regular SSD?

I need my computer now, so I can't wait one-9 months waiting on a SSD to put in my system. I played that game last year and I will never do it again.

I am not sure on how it will function if it does not have TRIM, however I am still researching and just figured I would ask the pros.
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  1. It has come to my attention that the RevoDrive is actually two SF's in one, making un-desirable for me.

    The fact that it is just a raid 0 and with no TRIM, is a total deal breaker! I rather just buy a hand full of the Vertex 2's and not raid any of them!

    The new Sata 3 Corsair Performance 3's are pushing 410 read and 210 writes, which is impressive.

    They seem very fast but just realized they are $100 more than the 128gb C300 which isn't worth the more money!!!

    So far I started with C300 and now I am back again, I will just stop looking for new SSD's that are faster because there is always something wrong!
  2. AsusTek created the AsRock line to serve the "consumer" aka "price conscious" market. I don't see the logic of mixing expensive SSD's w/ budget MoBos.

    If ya thinking ya gotta have the fastest SSD, also consider the speed of ya RAM . CAS 7's have hit the streets, tho I expect prices to be a bit hi until supply catches up w/demand

    The Corsair P3's are simply C300's with updated firmware. They have great read speeds (410) but relatively slow write (210) speeds. If ya system is going to have signifcant page file, temp file and scratch file usage, this could be a downer.

    The Vertex series has similar read and write speeds. The Vertex 2's are 285 read and 275 write, whereas the Vertex 3's are 550 read and 525 write. Don't expect the Vertex 3's to ship before 2nd quarter tho.
  3. Well I have the cash, I was going to spend about 700-800$ on parts, then I returned my iPad now I got another 850$.

    So I have been trying to spend around 1000-1100ish, but I would spend more to if its obviously needed.

    So there is no reason I should get something cheaper unless if it has the same capability's!

    Is the Asus Deluxe the one you think will be a match with my SSD and 2600K? Or should I get the Revolution?
  4. I checked the CAS 6, I can get either 4x2gb Cas6 rip jaw x's or I can get 2x4gb Cas7 ipr jaw x's for 160$

    Should I get 4 sets of 2gb at CasLat 6 or should I get the 2 sets of 4gb at Cas7???
  5. I want to make the correct decisions and get the best for my money!

    My moto with computer parts is, if I am going to spend 300$ might as well spend 320-350ish, especially if I got the cash!

    I am willing to get cheaper parts if the performance is exceptable,

    I liked the AsRock for its cool features, but I know the Deluxe is better I was just finding a way to save money and I didn't see the extreme6 as a "cheap" board that would not sufice.

    Since i am getting an Asus, Should I get the Revolution or the Maximus? I prefer "supercomputer' or "workstation" motherboards on account thats what I plan to use it for.

    The Revolution seems like the ultimate workstation 1155 board.

    However the Deluxe is the only one with the front panel USB 3, which is something I wanted.

    What is the Serical/Com and other back bracket on the Revolution??
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