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hi guys!

i am deciding on a hard drive for my gaming computer. i was going to go with an ssd, but they are just out of my price range. i know they keep getting cheaper, so that might be a future upgrade, but for now, im going to stick with hdd. i have heard that hybrid drives are cool, but i dont know. what i really want is a 1tb or so hdd, that is fast. what is the fastest, and best hdd on the market that is reasonably priced?
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  1. Any 7200 RPM drive with at least 16 MB cache will give you similiar performance. There are 10k RPM and 15k RPM drives but they are stupid expensive. Your best bet is to get a 64gb SSD there are several that are on sale in numerous places that are sub $1 a gb. Use that for the your OS and your 3 or 4 favorite games. Then get a 320gb or 500 gb HDD as storage for whatever else.
  2. If you've got $160, I recommend this route. Get a cheap 1TB drive and pair it with a Crucial Adrenaline SSD (works like a hybrid drive's cache, but SSD capacity is 50GB vs. 8GB on the Momentus XT). I'd do it myself if I hadn't just bought a Z68 mobo that does that with any SSD.



    If you don't want to spend that much, I say the Caviar Black is a good choice.
  3. electrontau said:

    My question is I guess, why is this hybrid drive so great? It's almost the price of regular ssd anyway. Is it that much faster? It had better be for 150 bucks for 750 gb. I don't thi k this is enough space for me

    Also people have been saying that I should get a 50gb ssd for my. Os and like my. Favorite 2 games, and then a Hdd for everything else. Is this a good idea?
  4. Yes. The OS benefits from being on an SSD for boot times. Games also boot relatively quicker, it has no mechanical platters, so it doesnt take the time to spin up to speed before it can reador write.
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