Geforce 8800 gt vs 220gt

Hello I have a quad core with 6 gb ram it came with 220 gt 1gb I have a geforce 8800 gt 512 vram card which one is better?
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    the 8800GT, the GT 220 is not a very good gaming card.
  2. the gt 220 is more of a home theater card, gaming wise it's way on the weak side, the 8800gt should do quite a bit better
  3. Deffinately the good "old" 8800GT. GT220 cannot uttilize a full 1gb ram and it's other spec ( eg. shaders, bandwith, mem bus ) are worse than the 8800GT . An 8800 could run pretty much everything on high on a average res these days.
  4. Yup, agree with 3 people above, u will be (much) better with 8800 GT... :)
  5. yeah run the 220 as a physx card.
  6. thanks for the help it was usefull
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