How much space is right for me?

I'm going to be buying an android tablet soon and the one I want does not have a MicroSD card slot. I don't really care that it doesn't because i don't need to much space. I don't want to put music or movies on it just apps and books.
My question is if 8 gigs will be enough for me with just mostly apps/games, a few book, some school documents/papers for storage, and photos or should I opt for 16 gigs which is $50 more? As i said no movies (I use Netflix when i want to watch stuff) and no music as i use my phone for that.

Thank you
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  1. I'd always opt for a device that has extendible storage to avoid the very conundrum that you're in right now.

    I think the 8GB will probably do you but obviously you'll need to be more careful with the number of files you keep. More often or not everyone's use of a device changes over time though so the correct choice now may be wrong in the future.
  2. Don't worry, you can always get wireless HDD.
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    I used to always say " wow, this is huge, no way I can fill this up" and I've always been wrong. If you can afford it, max it out.
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