I'm considering adding an SSD to a system that includes an H61 motherboard, a i5-2500k, 600W power supply, Radeon 7850 HD, 8GB DDR3, and a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive. Windows 7 home premium was on the computer by default, but I have no installation disc. Is it possible to install Windows 7 to an SSD without the disc? And do you think $190 for a 256GB SSD is worth it?
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    If you are talking about the Samsung 830, on sale at NewEgg, I would say buy it now for it is indeed a great deal. Keep in mind that deals like this and further sale drops are bound to happen over time (especially with the current trend in SSD price drops and lack of regular HDD availability), so fret not if you find a deal slightly better in the near future. For now, it is my understanding that it is a great buy (~$0.75 per GB :D); I myself bought one today.

    Now as to your other questions, I believe there is a software called "Norton Ghost", as included in Samsung 830 desktop upgrade kit, which allows you to migrate your system files from original HDD onto the new SSD. I am not too sure on the technicalities of this, as I myself am new to SSDs, but I hope this helps. Also, if you do not have the disk, but assuming you have a legit product key, why not just "obtain" the Windows 7 installation file and burn in to a CD (from friends, whether in person or over the net :|) and then follow up with using you own product key when prompted for it during installation?
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  3. do not do what the other person said, no offence. You should do a clean install of windows, I know you do not have the disk so here is a link to the direct download links, I was skeptical about it just like you are now reading this but it really does work. All you have to do is download which ever version of windows you need and then burn it to a disk and then just install windows like you normally do, your product key will still work and here is a program that will tell you what your product key is, Once you install the program just open it up and click on "operating system" and it will tell you your product key right there. Here are the links, and the reason why you want to do a clean install is because when you transfer your files or "copy" them they are prone to getting corrupted and also it is garenteed that TRIM will be enabled, here are the links I hope this helped.

    windows 7 download links-

    program to find your product key-
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