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i wonder if the quantity of watts a graphic card uses is the same or different when you re running a game than when u re not?:pt1cable:
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  1. the more work the card needs to do, the more energy it needs
  2. The card will definitely use more power when you are gaming than when you are not. The more you load the card, the more power (watts) it uses, so when its idle, it uses much less, when you run a game it loads the GPU and it draws more energy to power the transistors in the processor, and more power to write and read from the memory.
  3. Yes. Graphics cards lower their clock rates when idling to consume less power. My radeon HD4650 idles down to 300mhz/300mhz on the core and memory, which consumes less power.

    When the card is particularly stressed, it can reach its TDP (Thermal Power Design), or the absolute limit. This is the limit the card is never supposed to reach on stock clocks.
  4. Video cards uses more electricity when gaming than simply sitting idle. See following chart as an example; those are power consumption just for the video card:

  5. Yep, and to make matters even more confusing, not all games have the same load. And on top of it the often quoted power numbers are using programs like FurMark which use substantially more power than normal games.
  6. Xbitlabs uses games to determine load, not FurMark.
  7. I wasn't referring to your link specifically (sorry that wasn't clear). I mainly meant to pay attention to the source, whether it was 3Dmark, Crysis (a game), an average, or a super stress (Furmark).
  8. Also- its worth noting that many reviews list not just the Card power usage, but the SYSTEM power usage, so you end up needing take a few Watts off the total to get actual GPU numbers;-)
  9. first of all thank you for the feedbacks.i asked this because my video card (only when i`m runing games) got crash but i want to know if this can be because my psu cant sopport what my video card needs(watts) or if this would be happenning the pc should get restarted and not get crashed..
    thanks hernan
  10. What PSU are you using man? Also- note that most of the numbers we gave you are for just the card, and don't take into account the rest of the system's power usage. If you can tell us what your PSU is and when you are having crashes, etc. as well as what GPU and processor you are using, we can probably help you figure out what your actual problem is.
  11. im using thermaltake 500w intel dualcore e2180 and ATI HD5750(old system with new graphic card)and the pc gets crash while im playing maybe one day u play all day and no problems but others days i play and each 10 mins got crashed and sometimes VOU saves the crash but most of then not.i ha ve a problem thats for sure but i want to know if the psu hasnt power enought or if my graphic card is broken.thanks 4 fdbk hernan
  12. The PSU ought to be fine in that situation- the 5750 uses VERY little power- generally doesn't pull more than 75 W at load unless you crank up furmark. What version of the ATI Drivers are you using? Also- does it crash in a specific game or in all the games you try to play? Did you upgrade from another ATI card, or from an Nvidia one? If you had an Nvidia card previously, then you probably need to uninstall all of your display drivers, reboot into safe mode and run driversweeper, then reboot and reinstall the latest ATI drivers.
  13. i had 8400 before(nvidia) but all the unstallation of the other card and installation of this one wasnt made for me.ill ask about drivers to that guys and then ill tell you thank you so much fly
  14. sure man. Let me know if that helps or not:-)
  15. Yep, the PSU should not be the issue. I've run a lot more card on about the same PSU. Does it crash to desktop or do a full restart?
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