High pitched sound coming from my computer

Well, i've had my pc for about 6 months now, and its had a high pitched sound always coming from it, and well i guess it was time i decided to do something about it. Any suggestions on what the problem might be?

Ive got a
Corsair 850W PSU
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 MB
Ati Radeon 4890

Im pretty sure the high pitched sound is coming from one of those components, snooping around on googles i found a post about lack of power, how can i post my computer statistics about how much power my components are getting, and stuff

Also, being off topic here...yesterday my computer became extremely laggy, not internet laggy, completely laggy, as in while firefox took half a second to open up two days ago, it now takes 5-10 seconds. It has nothing to do with the high pitched sound, if anyone has ever had this problem, i'd appreciate your input on how to fix it, right now im just assuming it might be some kind of virus
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  1. seem the problem come with your PUS or you CPU FAN.
    what CPU cooler using now ?
  2. Thermalright true black 120
  3. seem like PSU problem ...
  4. mmm anyway to tell for sure? perhaps my system is'nt getting enough power.

    if i put my ear to it, it does seem like the sound is coming from my PSU, i may add that my system is overclocked, i7 920, might that have something to do with the sound?
  5. You absolutely are not lacking in power. When you say coming from it do you mean it is literally coming out of the case or that it is heard through the speakers?

    Edit: never mind, you added this information to your post.
  6. If the noise is coming from the PSU, it could be a transformer. I would try to exchange it (assume it's still under warranty).

    Here's a nice little utility for speeding up your computer

    and you could do a scan with Malwarebytes as well
  7. heh i just did download malwarebytes, seems like it picked something up that avast dident, sped up my computer a bit

    Are you absolutely sure its not a voltage problem, anyway i can make sure? This PSU is actually my second one, first one i had to return because i burned out the first one within two days :3

    Just to add, im not much of a software pro so i might of messed something up in my overclocking process, and it might just be my faulty, agian, any program that can check these voltages?

    Ill have to check your reply tomorrow, gotta go for now, thanks in advance
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