NVidia Vs ATI

Which card will u think better
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  1. generation 4 of nvidia
  2. Poll is closed, but I'll go for it and say the 5770 is the best card there. Its got DX11 and eyefinity and price over the GTX260, its got DX11, Eyefinity and performance over the 4850 (thought the 4850 has it on price). There is no reason to choose the GTX260 over either of the other 2 cards. The 4850 is the best for the money, but the 5770 has the best features and a VERY solid price/performance.
  3. No question between those HD5770.
  4. means rolli u r saying 5770 is rockingggggggggg
  5. the 5770 is a SWEET card. GREAT deal.
  6. thnxxxxx flyinfinni, hey dude is that ur system in avatar.......
  7. No problem man. And yes- thats my system. I love it:-)
  8. nice man good looking, i cant see ur cards frm here.............
  9. Thanks. The cards are an XFX 5750 and an ATI Engineering sample 5750. You can see my full specs in my signature on each post:-)
  10. Hhey flyinfinni dont mind is ur card 5750>5770 or 5770>5750
  11. 5770 is better than the 5750.
  12. im very happy dude with all ur suggestions im having one good and solid card
  13. glad I could help. one solid card is good:-)
  14. page 6 of >>>THIS<<< article gives you a nice chart! search the articles for 'best graphics card' every month for an updated list!
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