How do I properly partition my external drive?

I recently got a SG 3TB USB 3.0 Go Flex external HDD and would like to partition it properly.

Currently the drive have these files:

Seagate folder
UserGuides folder
GoFlex icon
Mac Installer.dmg
Setup application

Just to be a little safe I created a folder in my Desktop and copied all of those into a folder.


I went Disk Management (via Start > run, and type diskmgmt.msc) and saw the external drive as a Healthy (Primary Parition)

How can I safely make partitions out of it? (is this even a good idea?)

Thanks in advance!
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    If it is currently a single 3TB partition you can use a partition utility (partition magic or even disk manager) to re-size it (or destroy it) and create additional partitions which will give you additional drive letters, but unless you have a specific reason for doing that I don't see the point.
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