Memory problems

I just built a new PC and Im getting a lot of BSOD. Windows says i have memory problems, is there any way i can fix it?.

Intel i7 930
Evga x58 Sli Le
Galaxy Nvidia GTX470
OCZ Gold 1600 mhz 3x2 GB
Thanks for any help
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  1. Try running it through Memtest86+ see if you get at least one full pass with no errors.
  2. I tried the memory tester that comes with windows and it failed, does this count?
  3. I'm not sure what memory tester that is... Try downloading memtest from here

    Do you have a case speaker? If so, what beeps are you getting when you start your computer?
  4. I assume you haven't changed any of the settings or voltages?
  5. Ill try that tester, and I only get one short beep when it turns on. Thanks!
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    Also, after running memtest+ try running only one stick at a time and seeing if you still experience problems.
  7. Got it, ill post when I finish.
  8. Ok here is the test result for all the sticks. Uploaded with" class="img lazy">
  9. Ok, now I'm testing the stick one by one.
  10. Only one stick didnt pass the test. Now I know whats going on, but is there any way to fix it?
  11. You're going to need to replace that stick. If you can return them to where you bought them (assuming they are under warranty still).
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