Fake HDD crisis ?!


I've just read the article and thought back that at some point I was wondering how could HDD prices still f*ck our budget when the actual flood was like a year ago or so. This is the reason why I still suffer space issues using my old 160gb Sata WD drive with my new i3 build.

What do you think ? Could the whole thing be a scam ? :o and if it was, what could they recieve for their action ? (Apart from the edgy customers)
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  1. When the floods happened the price went up naturally... but people kept buying the drives for the higher price so the company's said..." OK, well if they keep buying it for this price why bring it back down". and yes it is a complete scam and us as consumers need to do something about this, we need to complain about this.... maybe a petition? it is not alright for company's to do this and we can not just keep buying into it!
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